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Paralympics – my ‘magical’ tickets


I have just spent 3 days at the Paralympics and have had the most fantastic time. It was inspirational, thrilling, fun and wonderful.  All rolled into one.  And how I came about my tickets was amazing.

    • From the time the Olympic tickets went on sale I refused to be bothered sitting and trying to get hold of any old ticket I could get my hands on. I was lazy but also just said to myself,  ‘I’m not going to worry about this – it will all work out for me.’

Now this is really not my style. I try to be organised, focussed and push things, rather than, ‘let it happen’.  I have to do things rather than ‘let it happen’.

But the message given at the end of my Matrix Reimprinting training  by the wonderful Ted Wilmont, was  ‘Ok  do what you want to do, work with this as you choose, but let it happen, don’t force it’.  I never forgot those words.  One of the last times I saw Ted I told him that I really  ‘heard’  those words.  However, as stated earlier, I am not best able to work in this way.

But I did relax, I did not worry. I quietly waited and quietly hoped.

Back to the Paralympics.

The Olympics began.  I had no tickets.  I did think that I may well have left it too bloody late! But I still could not be bothered sitting at the computer. (I had been sitting for hours writing my first book, so was pleased to get off the machine).

However my daughter decided to do some extra part-time work during the school holidays.

The result

  • Tickets for she and me for the final Saturday
  • Tickets for Herb and me on Friday 7th

But, wait for it

Herb and I got off the train at Waterloo on the Thursday- the 6th September. Just off the carriage, and on a bench on the platform, a large white envelope stating ‘Free tickets for the Paralympics’.   2 tickets for the Thursday night ( in a couple of hours)

My point is:

  • for once I ‘let it happen’
  • I waited for my tickets to manifest
  • the universe gave me what I was hoping  for
  • I  hadn’t blocked or forced the good things to come my way


The experience was thrilling, inspiring, magical, humbling.

It was splendidly well-run.  The  volunteers were super, informative, helpful, and very good  fun.

The officials at the train stations, especially Stratford were happy, friendly, informative and helpful.

It seemed really well organised.

I did have worries and I could be very negative about the Press.  I shall try not to.

The press made us worry that we might not be able to ‘pull the whole thing off”.

I really hoped we could succeed and be proud.  I really hoped we would not let ourselves down.

We didn’t.

It was wonderful.

I had not spent too much time thinking about the Paralympics beforehand.

Boy am I pleased I witnessed those talented and excellent sportsmen and woman.

(I am trying not to mention how wonderful it was to see Oscar Pistorius win his gold – the stadium erupted)

Every day – so many triumphs, and then the whole gamut of emotions.  Just wonderful.

My message.

From someone who appreciates that we

  • have choice
  • have the ability to’ relax and let it happen’


When you do.  It really can happen.

What you wish for can almost seem to land right in front of you.

I hope we had continue the momentum and keep this Olympic sports ground as an on-going concern.

Thank you to all who gave many of us a fantastic summer of sport.

PLEASE comment on your highlight of the Paralympics.  I would have a  Q and A if my skills were better. (one day I will have time).

A comment would be wonderful.

Because I wrote this I will say 2  🙂

Oscar Pistorius and David Weir.

( I am hoping to have my first newsletter ready within the next month.  Should you wish to be put on my mailing list, please leave your email address.  Thank you).



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